5 Delicious DIY Snackboxes

Who else loves to snack? Our content team had a great time putting together some delicious snack boxes with tasty foods from Baopals Supermarket and our food and beverage department. When the urge to snack strikes, try pulling out one of these unique snack boxes with a variety of flavors instead of the usual bag of chips. These snacks can be made a few days in advance and stored in your fridge, but don't hold us accountable if your roommate steals a bite!

Planet Pizza

Assemble your own mini pizza, or just shove it all on your mouth.

Protein Power

Perfect for people on a keto diet (you can omit the cherry tomatoes if you'd like) or just anyone that loves meat and cheese!

Sweet & Salty

For when you can't decide what you're craving. Or you're just craving everything at the same time!

Dealer's Choice

We had some ingredients left over, so we made another snack box filled with more things we like!

And don't forget some food containers!