5 Steps For A Perfect Family Fun Night

Family nights are a great way to spend precious time with your loved ones. Make them an expected part of your children’s routine from a young age to build a strong bond with them. Follow these 5 steps to have a successful family night that you’ll remember fondly as your children grow older (and less sweet and adorable).

No Phone Zone

Put those phones and tablets away! Don’t get distracted from what matters most: your family!


Now it’s time to get cozy. Replace the chairs with bean bags to snuggle up in, add some light strings and plenty of pillows and blankets too!

Family PJs

Matching family pajamas. Do we need to say more?


Whether you are having a movie night, an indoor camping night or a game night, you’re going to need snacks to keep the troops entertained. We’ve included some of our favorite snacks below, and if you want to go for some healthier options a fruit bowl or veggies and dip are also good ideas.


Add some cool family friendly board games to your arsenal to make the night more fun! This also creates a great opportunity to teach your kids about sportsmanship and teamwork.

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