6 DIY Projects For When Boredom Strikes

You always dreamed that one day you'd wake up and never have to go to work again...but now you are on week five and you haven't showered or left your apartment in days. Try one of these cool DIY projects to keep yourself sane. And go take a shower!

Upgrade Your Sneakers

Make a pair of sneakers truly your own with a fun and easy DIY project suitable for all ages! Grab yourself a pair of plain sneakers and let's see what you can do.

Let Your Garden Grow

Spring is just around the corner! Growing your own plants can greatly improve your mood, and greatly improve the appearance of any room or balcony.

Make Your Own Soy Candles

Did you know it is rather simple to make your own beautiful and aromatic soy candles? This is a fun, quick and easy activity for all ages (children must be supervised) and makes for a thoughtful handmade gift.

Art Supplies For Your Inner Soul Child

Art is therapeutic, art is community building, art is just fun! Make a piece of art and gift it to a friend to spread the love.

Make Your Own Delicious Frozen Treats

Try your hand at making some homemade frozen delicacies.

Make Your Own Yogurt

Making your own delicious yogurt at home is super easy, and beats buying it at the store.