9 Items to Make Your Pet Famous

Do you remember the first day you saw a dog wearing shoes in China? Or a dog being rolled around in a baby carriage? You were filled with surprise. But then, over time, you just became used to people and their weird animal habits. But now...you have a pet...it’s not getting the attention it deserves when you go out on the town... whatever can you do?! Baopals is on hand to help a brutha (or a sista) out. Get these glorious items for your furry friend and become the talk of the town.
Fluffy Winter Outfit

Winter is coming...and your lil buddy needs a cute, fluffy novelty outfit to make all the other animals jealous

Teddy Bear Outfit

10 kuai says the first words out of your mouth are, “Awwww”.

Air Force Uniform

For the highly disciplined military puppy in your life.

Evening Wear Outfit

At your next cocktail party, your guests will marvel at your sharply dressed pet.

Gold Chain Necklace

Even your pet is more gangsta than you. #thuglife

Cute Backpack

They need this for carrying around the essentials, lipstick, keys, wallet, condoms, etc.


Winter Snow Boots

Because the ground hurts their little feeties.

Lion Mane

No, you’re not allowed a pet lion…but this is the next best thing!

Slice O’ Bread Collar

It’s a slice of bread! As a collar! Even if you don't have a pet you should probably own one of these.

Guest blogger Johnny Roastbeef was born in New York City and has always enjoyed working with large groups of people. His hobbies include fast cars and knot-tying.