9 Kickass Things To Buy For Your Dad

Father's Day falls on June 17 this year, and it is coming up quick! While it can be a fairly easy to shop for mom, finding a good gift for dad might be a little tougher. We're here to simplify your life and have compiled this list of gifts most fathers would appreciate. Be sure to check out our Gifts For Him department for more ideas!

With more than 13k sold, these wireless earphones are great for fitness. And if your dad doesn't exercise, maybe this will pressure him to start!

For the classy dad that has to attend stuffy meetings and events but is secretly a total goofball.

If your dad could use a little mid-life pick me up, this international bestseller reportedly can help people succeed in their work, and do or be anything they can imagine. Sounds pretty sweet to us.

You can't ever go wrong with this kind of gift.

This watch can monitor your dad's heart rate, remind him when to sleep, count steps and much more. And yes, it has English!

Your dad might just like his coffee black, but it doesn't mean that he can't add something fancy to the brewing process.

Skin care is important for men at any age. Most of them just don't think it is!

Challenge your dad to a mini game of foosball and tell him if he loses he gets to pay off all of your student loans.

Straight from the savory meat filled magical land of Casa Modena.

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