9 Must Have Accessories For Any Gamer Out There

Every gamer needs to have their gaming accessories. Some accessories enhance the experience, while other accessories just look cool. Whatever your style may be, we have you covered! Check out the list for some of the coolest options we've found, and be sure to check out our Games Department for more great products!

Comfortable Gaming Chair

Game in comfort with this cushioned gaming chair. If needed, this chair is able to fully recline and even has rotating armrests. It's got everything you could ever want and more while you're shooting at enemies, hiding from enemies or just exploring a beautiful landscape.

Xbox Windows Adapter

Take your Xbox One controller with you when you play games on the go! Simply plug this adapter into a USB slot, install the Xbox Accessories app on your Windows laptop and you are ready to use the Xbox One Controller with your laptop!

PS4 Console Backpack

No one wants to carry around a heavy console, wires and controllers in a plastic bag or a small backpack. Luckily, you no longer have to. This backpack allows you to carry whatever you need in a convenient and stylish way.

PS4 Controller Charging Dock

Wires can be a hassle when trying to charge your controller, especially if you're trying to play at the same time. Simply place the PS4 controller in the dock once you're done playing and BAM! The controller is fully charged next time you want to play!

Gold PS4 Controller

Feel like royalty sitting upon your throne with this gold look-a-like controller. Even though this controller will not give you an advantage in the gaming world, it'll still make you feel good as gold in the real world.

Xbox One Elite Controller

Take your game to the next level. The back plates on the underside of the controller, coupled with the rotating D-Pad make for a more enjoyable and memorable experience when gaming. Not to mention, this looks sick in your hand and feels right to hold.

Razer Gaming Headset

Hear enemies quickly, gunshots sharply, and birds loudly with thus Razer North Sea Giant Demon headses. With a retractable microphone, cushioned earpads and the Razer logo out for everyone to see, you'll want to pick these bad boys up before it's too late.

ASUS ROG Headset

To really step up your audio experience, go with the ASUS ROG Centurion headset. With a 7.1 stereo mode, a built in mic to detect different environments and more knob options to choose from than a radio out of the 1950's, you cannot go wrong with these headphones that will last a lifetime.

Pico1S VR Glasses

The Pico1S VR Glasses offer another avenue into the mesmerizing world of VR. They will get the job done by displaying realistic visuals without breaking the bank. Order now and they will throw in a free pair of earphones!

Guest blogger Mitchell Zasa is studying Game Production Management at Champlain College in Vermont, USA. His favorite game series are Bioshock, Gears of War and Fallout. His favorite genre is survival horror.

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