Are You Ready For Super Bowl LIII?

Did you really think the New England dynasty was coming to an end? This season, the Pats made a lot of us believe they were mortal… that Brady and Gronk might be washed up… that another Super Bowl wasn’t in the cards… until it was. The Patriots defeated the Chiefs in an AFC title game thriller, and they’re on to their 4th Super Bowl in 5 seasons.

Meanwhile, the Los Angeles Rams can send referee Bill Vinovich and his crew a thank-you card on their way Atlanta. Controversial missed call aside, the Rams are a deserving team, and they’ve opened as slim favorites in Super Bowl LIII.

One thing’s for sure: the winner of the Super Bowl will be the one that has the most fervent, focused fanbase. Get ready to do your part.


The Rams have become this writer’s de facto NFL team after moving to Los Angeles, playing home games in my alma mater’s stadium, and taking the field with three of my fellow USC Trojan alums. Coach Sean McVay will be the youngest-ever Super Bowl coach at 32 years old (if that makes you feel unaccomplished, you’re not alone). QB Jared Goff is the youngest quarterback to win the NFC championship. And the Rams are headed to their first Super Bowl since 2002, when they lost to – you guessed it – the New England Patriots. But that was the St. Louis Rams. Not the LA Rams. This time it’ll be different. This time, I’m rooting for the Rams. Gear up.


Patriots fans, I get it. When I watch Star Wars, part of me also roots for the Dark Side. My own father is a die-hard Pats fan from our years living in New England. Every year the Patriots make it to yet another Super Bowl, he tries to pull me to the Dark Side. And I admit – it’s tempting. You have to respect what this Belichick-Brady-Gronk trio has accomplished. Belichick has a record 30 NFL playoff wins. At 41, Brady will be the oldest quarterback to start a Super Bowl. Gronkowski loves kittens.

Here are your Patriots fan essentials.


Looking to host a Super Bowl party? Make sure you cover all your bases (wait, wrong sport) with the usual big game supplies.