Are You Ready To Live In China?

Moving to China is a big deal, no matter where you come from. If you’re wondering how to better prepare yourself for your new life in China, you’re already ahead of the game because Baopals is here to help! We’ve organized some products to ease your transition. They’ll make your life much easier, so that you’ll love being in China even more!

What you don't know won't hurt you when it comes to the AQI in China, but take comfort in the fact that the air in your apartment is so fresh, and so clean.

Chances are, if your apartment comes furnished, the bed is comparable to a cement slab. A good mattress pad will have you sleeping like a princess, without the pea. You also can't go wrong with our most popular memory foam topper.

Rice will soon become the foundation of your diet, so a rice cooker will come in handy.

Arm yourself against the bugs that swarm China. They are not your friends!

Navigate the roads of your new neighborhood with a speedy bike, one of the best ways to get to know your way around a place.

Coffee in China can be expensive—why not make it yourself?

China can get pretty humid, especially in the summer. A de-humidifier will save you lots of discomfort.

Storebought razors are super expensive in China—buy your shaving tools online instead.

Making tea? Cooking food? Healing any ailment? Boiled water is a must.

Every local uses one of these hangers to dry their socks and underwear.

Now your phone will never run out of battery, even on long days out.

Shield yourself from the city lights and get a good night's sleep.

Ever notice how quickly things are built in China? That's because they start drilling and hammering away at 7am in the morning. On the weekend.

Now you can use all the electronics that you brought from home. Oh, and if your electronics aren't compatible, grab a power adapter.

Chinese people are less prone to body odor so deodorant can be difficult to find in China. Sure, we'd love to go all natural too, but when it comes to some things it's probably best that you don't.

A water filter is an affordable luxury that makes life a bit easier. Use the money you save from not having to buy as much bottled water to buy other fun bottled drinks…like alcohol.

Wifi can be spotty in China sometimes. With this amplifier, you won't have to wait ages for a webpage to load.

Protect yourself from air pollution, smoke, and more when you go outside!