Buy Yourself Some Happiness For Under 50 RMB

50 RMB can go a long way in China. Let us show you the way...
Movie-Themed Pillows & Pillowcases

Snuggle up with some of your favorites from Star Wars, Harry Potter, Lord of the Rings and more.

Rechargeable Mini Power Bank

Stay charged up with these little buddies that can easily fit in your pocket or nostrils.

iPhone Case With Data Cable

Now you have one less thing to keep track of. You're welcome!

Potted Plant Coffee Mugs

Keep your beverages warm with a charming cover that bears a striking resemblance to a potted plant.

Digital Storage Organizer

Store your gadgets, gizmos and doohickeys in this multi-functional protective storage pouch that's sure to impress your fellow nerds.

Stuffed Animal Chew Toys

Give Fido a friend that he can hang out with and simultaneously chew and drool on.

2 Bottles Of Red Wine & Accessories

Turns out, a good time costs less than 50 RMB!

His & Her Bathrobes

Look and feel luxurious, from the bathroom to buying groceries at your local market.

Windproof Lighter

In rain, wind or snow, this lighter will supply you the fuego.