Celebrate Thanksgiving Right

We have a lot to be thankful for in China. (Let's just say we don't need anyone to make it great again.) Don't be a jive turkey and celebrate a special Thanksgiving this year with some traditional foods and ingredients available right here on Baopals.

The Turkeys

These frozen turkeys have all received an aggregate score of 4.5 and above, with at least 50 turkeys sold.

Sopraval, 6kg (Shanghai)


Sopraval, 7kg (Hangzhou)


Sopraval, 6.5kg (Nanjing)


Norbest, 7kg (Beijing)


Norbest, 8kg (Guangzhou)


Sopraval, 7kg (Shenzhen)


The Hams

Casa Modena, 7.8kg


Furui Si, 5kg


Casa Modena, 5kg


The Fixin's

Cranberry Sauce, 635g


The perfect way to sweeten up that post-Thanksgiving-dinner food coma.



Put down that basic pumpkin spice latte and get to crackin' on some homemade pumpkin soup or pie.

Stovetop Stuffing Mix, 170g


Get stuffed on stuffing, the stuff of champions.

Wild Turkey Whiskey, 750ml


Let's play a game! Thanksgiving → Turkey → a handle of Wild Turkey Whiskey straight to the face.

Cornbread Mix, 567g


For some reason, people like cornbread.

Turkey Leg Pillow

From ¥42.44

No interest in turkey this Thanksgiving? How about a large turkey leg pillow?