Deck Out Your Nerd Cave

Are you a movie lover? A gamer? A closet Otaku? Baopals isn’t judging. On the contrary—we’re here to help you accessorize! Check out these items that will seriously kick your Nerd Cave up a level (pun definitely intended).

Get that geek vibe going with some new furniture:

Reclining Gaming Chair

For all your swiveling needs.

Star Wars Bean Bag

*insert happy Chewbacca noise here*

Mario Item Block Light

Activated via jump-punch, of course.

Feel a little closer to Hogwarts with some of these great finds:

Harry Potter Wands

Pick the wand of your favorite Harry Potter character and feel almost as cool as them, too!

Harry Potter Toilet Decal

For when you're making magic happen.

Harry Potter House Sigil

Just so everyone knows you're not a Hufflepuff.

Show some love to Blizzard Entertainment with the following fantastical decor:

Hearthstone Mug

Blackrock Ale not included.

Azeroth Floor Mat

For remembering all the past opponents you've trampled upon.

Blizzard Mouse Pad

Choose from a wide variety of Blizz games, including Dota 2, Overwatch, and World of Warcraft.

Make sure you catch all these must have Pokémon goodies:

Pokémon Gym Badge Collection

Collect em' all with the click of a button.

Giant Snorlax Plushie

No Poké Flute required.

Pikachu Adapter Plug

The only butt plug you can show off to your friends.

Keep your pad looking as fresh as Tony Stark's with some Avengers gear:

Thanos Infinity Gauntlet

Don't let this offer disappear in a cloud of ash.

Iron Man Bust

A decorative bust of the iconic suit. I mean come on—the eyes even light up!

Captain America Shield

Doubles as a home invasion self-defense device.

Bring the high seas to your bedroom with some One Piece loot:

One Piece Ship Model

Into building models? Take your sweet time with this Thousand Sunny ship.

One Piece Wanted Posters

We want these posters dead or alive.

One Piece Bed Set

Ensure you never have romantic overnight guests again. But hey, at least you're styling!

Entertaining guests? We can help with that too:

The Legend of Zelda Chess Set

Featuring an impressive cast of good and evil characters from the Zelda Universe.

Settlers of Catan Board Game

The classic resource-allocating strategy board game, with expansion sets available.

Storm Mirror VR Headset

Indulge a friend who has not yet experienced virtual reality with this affordable and easy to operate set.

So many great deals! Is it all a dream? Find out with this inception-inspired totem...

Guest writer Connor Scholfield has been living and working in Shanghai since 2016. He enjoys decking out a nerd cave of his own during his spare time.