Easy, Delicious Food For Picky Eaters

While many foreigners in China love the food offered here, there are some of us who are more choosy when it comes to what we eat. It can be tricky and time consuming to figure out what to cook for people who are picky eaters. These imported foods are simple to prepare and satisfy everyone, and the flavors can remind some of us of our homes. Here are several different foods everyone can enjoy together!

Pasta Sauce & Pasta

Pretty much everyone loves spaghetti and pasta, and you can make it as a quick meal with these readymade sauces. Try topping them with shredded cheese as an added treat. Most kids make a fuss about eating vegetables, but you can try sneaking in a few finely chopped or shredded veggies to make it healthier.

With all these items handy at home, even your kids can make their own special food.

Thai Curry

Thai food is loved by many, but it can be expensive and difficult to find in China. So, why not try making it at home? It’s very easy to cook, especially with readymade curry packets. Thai curry has mild spicy, tangy flavors you can adjust by adding coconut milk. Paired with Thai rice, it makes for a delicious restaurant style meal in the comfort of your home.


Sandwiches are convenient, filling and can be made quickly. Combine peanut butter and jelly for a classic American snack, or combine peanut butter, Nutella and sliced bananas for an extra special treat. You can also never go wrong with a savory sandwich spread with your favorite condiments and some vegetables and/or meat.


These snacks are quick and delicious, and can be easily taken on the go. Whether you pack it in your own lunch for work or your kid's backpack, they are sure to be a hit.