Easy Ways To Save The Earth

There is no Planet B, so let’s stick to taking good care of Planet A! Here are a few easy things you can do to help the environment.

Drive less, walk more!

Throwing on a pair of sneakers and walking or biking to work can help cut down on carbon emissions from a taxi. It’s also helps to slow down the aging process and reduces your risk of heart disease, cancer and other unpleasant things. So why not turn it into a habit?

Save water

Everyday we rely on water around the house, but fortunately there are many ways to cut back on our water usage. Keep a bucket in the shower to collect water while you wait for it to heat up and use it water your plants. Get those random leaks around the house fixed, and shower with a friend to bond and save 25 gallons or more of water each time.

Bring your own cup to the coffee shop

We can make a huge difference in the amount of city waste just by carrying our own cup around rather than using a disposable cups. So if you are a coffee lover, find your favorite portable cup now and start making the Earth great again!

Use more eco-friendly products

Instead of throwing out empty bottles, you can now cut them into strings and for sturdy DIY materials.

Check out the Eco&More Flagship Store for more environmentally friendly products.

Bring your own cute and handy shopping bag instead of paying for the store's plastic bags.

Replace incandescent bulbs with a compact fluorescent bulb to save energy.

Don't worry, it will still get the job done.

Help save energy, and lower your electricity bills!

When you are too lazy to do the dishes after a big party, but also want to save the planet.

The plastic straw you're using might end up in the ocean, much to the disgust of Nemo and Dory.

Take a step in the right direction by educating people on the importance of recycling!