Epic Halloween Costumes For The Entire Squad

If you're hitting the town this Halloween with a group of good friends, there's nothing better than coordinating your costumes! You'll be able to find each other in crowds, and finally there will be someone around that understands all of your weirdly specific references and jokes.


Space Jam Tune Squad Jersey

Die-hard fans will also rock the iconic Space Jam Jordans… but we won’t knock you if you don’t.

Full Body Nerf Suits

You can get away with just about anything wearing one of these suits.

Banana Costume

Go as a bunch of bananas, and if your group has a leader make sure you get them a monkey costume.

Super Mario Characters

Princess Peach appears to be missing from this collection. Classic...

Disney Princesses

You and your friends can be Disney Princesses, but with jobs and a slight alcohol addiction.

The Incredibles Family

All supersuits were personally designed by Edna Mode.

Zootopia Masks

Become Judy Hopps or Nick Wilde and get ready to solve the toughest case in town with the help of T...h....e...F...l...a...s...h.

Soft Animal Onesies

Choose from over 35 styles! Your group will be the cutest (and warmest) people around.

The Avengers

If a Marvel Halloween group encounters a DC Halloween group, Baopals is not liable for any injuries that may occur.

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

Get your group together and go eat some pizza for some truly legendary photo ops.

Harry Potter House Robes & Accessories

Choose your house carefully.


These costumes create the perfect excuse to not talk to anyone all night and just make strange noises.


And if you don't mind a tight squeeze into a cab, dressing your group in inflatable costumes will make you all the life of the party!