Everything is Free on Baopals Today!

Just kidding. Happy April Fool's Day!

But while we have you here, we've compiled a list of goodies that will have you pulling off some devious pranks of your own this April Fool's Day.

Fake Insects

From ¥9.05

Sprinkle liberally on a salad, or tape to the inside of a lampshade for a horrifying shadow puppet.

Whoopee Cushion

From ¥25.75

Keep it classic (and tasteful).

Oreo Cookies


Delicately replace the white center with some toothpaste. So fresh, and so clean.

Fishing Bait Scented Spray


You can get very creative (although some might call it 'evil') with this one. It bears a striking resemblance to soy sauce, or can fit nicely in a perfume bottle...

Jello, 85g * 5 Boxes


A classic prank coined by Jim from The Office. Everyone loves finding their possessions in jello!

Knorr Chicken Bouillon Cubes


Unscrew your shower head, stick a bouillon cube in and delight in hearing your roommates scream as they are showered with chicken broth.

Gorilla Costume

From ¥52.10

All you really need to have a good time (and horrify the community).

100 Red Solo Cups


Fill them up with water and disperse them through the house or office. They're great for beer pong and flip cup, too.

Whipped Cream


Cover your sleeping mate's hand in whipped cream, and then tickle their face. Facepalm.

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