Everything You Need For An Adult Slumber Party

Do you remember those slumber parties you had as a kid? With all of the pillow fights, talking about cute boys or girls in your class and prank calling your neighbors. Well an adult slumber party is just the same, but with alcohol.

It will keep you warm and protect you from any monsters hiding under the bed.

Pillow fight or food fight? How about both! 

Perfect for those of you that don't want your friends to know your weird sleeping habits. A sleeping bag might help stop you from slapping your friend's face in your sleep.

This is what separates the children from the adults.

It can also make an awesome background for slumber party selfies.

No dishes the next day! 

Netflix and popcorn!

Create your own movie theater on a budget.

Capture this memorable night instantly.

Classic Wax Candles


Who's ready for a scary story?

No regular clothes allowed!

Prepare this soft light for the friend that likes to sleep with the lights on.

Have fun but don't forget your daily skin care routine. We are sure your friends would love to join too. 

Bole Manicure Set


In every group of friends there is always one person with some artistic abilities. Remember to invite her (or him) to your party! 

At this age we are too sophisticated to play hide and seek at slumber parties anymore, so we play board games! Check out more fun board games here.