Extreme Winter Wear

Save thousands of RMB on your heating bill by investing in one of these extreme cold weather solutions. Use them to sleep, lounge, work, study, hit up the club...the possibilities are endless!

Newborn Baby Sleeping Bag

It's a baby burrito!

Baby Sleeping Bag

Also a great way to prevent them from crawling off and getting themselves into trouble.

Baby Full-Body Sleeping Bag

Doubles as extra padding so you can let them run freely around without worrying about them bumping into anything and hurting themselves.

Fish Sleeping Bag With Arms

Scientists spent hundreds of the hours in the lab coming up with this innovative new design: a sleeping bag... with sleeves.

Bionic Full Body Sleeping Bag

The ideal sleeping bag covers every inch of your body and would also work if you needed make a trip into space.

The Wearable Sleeping Suit

We can only assume that the only reason this woman is standing up is because she needs to go to the pantry to grab a snack.

Full Body Bedding Set

We'll let this woman's joyous facial expression speak for itself.

Couples Sleeping Bag

There's no escape for your partner now...you will both be zipped together!

Sleeping Bag For 3

What's more fun than snuggling up with one person you like? How about two people?

Large Plush Bed

Why would you ever want to sleep on anything else?

Family Full Body Sleeping Bag

Try to resist the urge to join a cult.

Insulating Space Blanket

If all else fails...