Happy Children’s Day!

It's almost Children's Day in China! While most children will already be receiving the greatest gift of all — a half or full day off school — there are other ways we can show our appreciation for our little friends with some fun gifts that will get their brains and bodies going.

Children's Football Net


Could your child be the next Ronaldo? It's never too early to start training 'em young. Balls sold separately.

Decathlon Mini Trampoline


The best part is that it can support an adult's weight as well!

Little Tikes Door Basketball Hoop


The most successful adults today were ballin' from the tender age of 3...

Automatic Bubble Machine

From ¥28.90

This right here is your ticket to being nominated Parent Of The Year.


From ¥23.75

"What do you mean you don't know what Pokemon is? Fine, just give it to me and I'll keep it."

3D Illusion Maker


You can look, but you can't touch! This magical box uses angled mirrors to create a 3D holographic image of a small object placed inside.

DIY Salt Water Powered Car


Assemble a futuristic car that runs entirely on salt water. What a time to be alive!

Puppy & Bone Nightlight


Has your child been asking for a pet? This puppy and his bone make the perfect nighttime companion, without any of the responsibility.

3D Printing Pen


Build it from the ground up with an easy to use pen that allows children to create whatever they can imagine.

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