It’s A Small World After All: Mini Everything

If cute, tiny things make you say “EEEEeeeeee!!!” then this article is for you. Here is mini-mania. Everything you can think of, but smaller and more adorable. Please note we do not recommend buying mini beds or shoes.

Tiny Hands

Coming in at #1 are small hands for your fingers. Is it easier to hold things? No. Is it fun? Yes.

Small Teapot

We're not sure if this should be bought for its functionality, but boy is it cute.

Travel Scissors

These are useful for snipping stray threads and keeping your look sharp and clean.

Mini Sewing Kit

Always keep one on hand for emergencies.

Mini Snack Storage

The cutest part is that they stack really nicely on top of one another.

Outlet Adaptor Plug

So many places to add different plugs. Imagine how much space you will save.

Shanolmei Q2 Tiny Projector

Fits in your pocket or side of the bag. For a movie night, or any night.

Mini Desktop Vacuum Cleaner

Don't you hate erasing and having eraser bits around your desk? Or food crumbs from your lunch break? This cleans it up, mini style.

Shaving Brush Set

Lather up and feel fresh without carrying 300 things.

Mini Straightening Device

Great for traveling and if you have bangs that always get in your eyes.

Tiny Timer

Don't let your food burn, or set a timer for a task. This is great for efficiency.

Individual Nail Lamp

Fix chipped polish, stick it in a bridal emergency kit, or give yourself a travel friendly manicure.

Squishy Stress Balls

Can be used to alleviate stress, or for the most epic tiny games of basketball.

Mini Cake Mold

Use it to make tiny cake-pops, or small homemade chocolate pieces.

Mini Marshmallow

Mini s' rice crispy get the idea.

Coffee Machine

A fresh cup of coffee, made right in the palm of your hand.

3-In-1 Cooking Machine

An entire mini kitchen! This is good for a small house, recreational vehicle or student housing. It includes a pot, pan, and toaster.

Mini Sticky Notes

These come in multiple cute designs. You can get the grid one to draw graphs and add it to your notes, or make goals and checklists.

Wooden Cartoon Ballpoint Pen

These pens are fun, travel friendly and good for kids.

Mini Highlighter Pens

Use a tiny highlighter for tiny handwriting.

Small Notebooks

Use your mini pen and highlighter in your mini notebook.

Wireless Bluetooth Mini Speaker

Make the summer vibes last, everywhere and anywhere.

Cute Fruit Ice Cream Eraser

These are so cute for the back to school season.

Little Bear

This is the perfect gift. Write a little letter and show someone a little love.

Mini Combination Locks

Lock up your mini treasures someplace safe.

Mini Skillets

Cook a mini pancake, a regular sized egg or whatever else your heart desires.

Mini Succulent Pot

Last but not least, really tiny plants in really tiny pots.