18 Foods Baopals Customers Are Loving Right Now

What are some of the best food items on Baopals? We’ll let our customers tell you! Click on any username to view their user profile.

MarketO Real Brownie

Norway Imported Salmon

- Cramson

Quaker Oatmeal, 420g*2

- mermaidmyth 

Mission Tortilla Wrap

- Anonymous

Macaroon Gift Box

Awesome. They really enjoyed them.

- athena1

Aah Bisto Gravy Granules

- jacinta1971

Fresh Raw Lamb, 1500g

- Jmarie624

Raw Corn, 400g*2

- Anonymous

Shandong Roasted Peanut

- John Hulu USA

Frontera Salsa Sauce, 454g

- lizfarth

Sugar Free Whole Wheat Bread

- Mehdi72

Peanut Puff Candy

I love this candy. It's like the Chinese version of a Butterfinger but without the chocolate and more nutty varieties.

- mariel

Russian Chocolate, 100g* 6

- Anonymous

Thai Dried Mango, 500g

I can't stop eating these!! I'm addicted! I need to go to dried mango rehab.

- g-money

Pork Sausage, 1kg

- John Hulu USA

Korean Authentic Kimchi, 500g

- Anonymous

Smithfield Ham 220g * 3

- Reda

Shredded Dried Beef

- Scotty