Game of Thrones Merchandise: Our Top Picks

The best way to prepare for the long winter is by stocking up on Game of Thrones gear, and there are more than 2,000 Game of Thrones products on baopals. We sifted through to bring you our favorites.

A Song of Ice & Fire, Leather-Bound Book Series

From ¥310.40

If you've watched the show, but haven't read the books... Shame! *rings bell* Shame!


"The Imp" T-Shirt


"Wear it like armor, and it can never be used to hurt you."


Jon & Daenerys Sofa Pillows


They've never met, but these two do go nicely together. And if you subscribe to the R + L = J theory, could this be a taste of things to come?


POP Official Vinyl Figures

From ¥86.75

Warning: this particular doll will seduce all of your women. And men.


"Mother of Dragons" T-Shirt

From ¥111.95

Do you see the three dragons? Do you see Daenerys's army? There's more to this design than meets the eye.


10 Families Transportation Card Stickers


When you play the transportation game in China, you win or you die.


A Knight of the Seven Kingdoms, Illustrated Hardcover


Hungry for The Winds of Winter? This trilogy of short stories from George RR Martin takes place a hundred years before ASOFAI, when Targaryens still ruled Westeros. You'll catch some subtle references to characters in this story in seasons 4 & 5. 


GOT Silicone iPhone Case


Perfect for keeping your phone protected atop the wall.


Boo! Studio Pixel Game of Thrones Framed Poster


All the characters you love are in the poster, so you can conveniently X them off each time one dies.


"I Know Nothing" Jon Snow T-Shirt


As an expat in China, this can be a go-to response whenever you want to avoid responsibility.


9 Families Collector's Key Rings


If you're a true hipster, you'll go for a House Arryn or House Tully key ring.


Daenerys Targaryen's Dragon Eggs


You might not be the mother of dragons, but you can feel like her with these resin replicas of the eggs used on the set of Game of Thrones. No word yet on whether they'll hatch if you walk into a bonfire with them.


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