Get Ready For Star Wars: The Last Jedi

Star Wars: The Last Jedi will be released in China on January 5! While we've been avidly trying to avoid anything that will potentially give anything away about the plot, here are some awesome goodies we've been able to find to show The Last Jedi some love.

The Last Jedi AR Set

While it doesn’t include a real lightsaber, this collaboration by Disney and Lenovo may just be the next best thing.

Hot Toys The Last Jedi Mini Collectibles

These toys are so hot right now. Funko Pop has got a set of their own here.

The Last Jedi Lightsaber Toys

How do we not have actual lightsabers yet? It's like scientists aren't even trying.

Vintage Star Wars Posters

Have the grooviest walls in the galaxy with these vintage posters.

BB-8 Ceramic Mug With Lid

Who knew BB-8's insides would be so tasty?

The Last Jedi Themed Sweatshirts

Is BB hungry? No. BB-8.

Flat-Pane Hologram Night Light

Shame there isn't a Princess Leia option (c'mon, she's the OG hologram!) but these are still kewl.

Star Wars Ink Sofa Cushions

Perfect companions for an all-out Star Wars movie binge.

The Last Jedi Themed Keychains

These are the droids you're looking for.

Star Wars Evolution T-Shirt

Wear on a night out and get sith faced.

The Last Jedi Themed Masks

Go for the Kylo Ren mask if you're a solo child. Get it? Solo...child... okay we're done here.