12 Thoughtful Gifts To Bring Back From China

Those of you lucky enough to escape the sweltering summer heat in China shouldn't leave empty handed! Here are some great Chinese inspired gifts for family and friends back home.

Double Layered Jewelry Box


For the vixen that can never have enough jewelry.

Tea Gift Set


For the adventurous spirit that's always looking to try something new.

Chinese Tourism Fridge Magnets

From ¥20.39

For the world explorer that's always planning their next trip.

Embroidered Cosmetics Bag


For the beauty queen that is always on the go.

Ceramic Tai Chi Panda


For the weekend warrior that needs to be reminded to chill out every once in a while.

Bottle Opener Key Chain


For the party animal that likes to pop bottles.

Tiger T-shirt


For the fearless fighter that always stays behind the scenes.

Chinese Inspired Chiffon Dress


For the enchantress that loves to entertain.

Wooden Comb


For the princess with hair like Rapunzel.

Chinese Painting iPhone Case


For the millennial that's always glued to their phone.

Funko POP Asian Action Figure


For the collector of interesting doohickeys and knick knacks.

Embroidered Coasters

From ¥9.45

For the passionate party hostess with the mostess.