We Asked 11 Celebrities About 11/11

November 11, better known as Singles' Day, is coming up quick! We took to the streets, alleyways and lanes of China to talk to some of the more well-known Baopals customers to see what they'll be purchasing during the biggest online sales event of the year.

Neil deGrasse Tyson

I'll be investing in rangefinding equipment to prove to B.O.B. that the Earth is round.

Dorothy Gale

I'll be buying lots of chew toys for Toto so he doesn't get us in trouble again. Also a heart, courage and a brain if they're on sale.

Gordon Ramsay

Your pantry department is probably complete rubbish, but I'm going to check it out anyways.

Fu Yuanhui

You'll find me stocking up on athletic equipment so I can win some more medals!


I'll head over to the parties and gifts department to stock up on balloons and face paint. And some mouthwash.

Elon Musk

I'm going to need all the power banks you've got.

Wonder Woman

I'm always on the lookout for stylish and practical women's clothing that also won't get in the way when I'm kicking ass.

LeBron James

My back has been hurting from having to carry my teammates every year, so I'll be looking for great deals on yoga gear.


I'll be in bed shopping for electric blankets and mattress pads. Zzzzzzzz.

Rick Sanchez

Find me up to my ears in the *burp* alcohol department.

Ghengis Khan

I'm going to hop online and start looking for great deals on horse saddles and grappling hooks. The Great Wall ain't gonna climb itself.