Celebrating Our Teachers

Every year on September 10th, we celebrate the amazing people in our lives – our teachers. We all have a teacher that we’ll never forget, who inspired us in some way and left a mark.

Say thank you to your teachers and your children’s teachers with a thoughtful gift. Or if you're a teacher, treat yourself to a well deserved reward for all your hard work!

For the dreamy teacher

For the teacher whose ideals inspire, who brings out the best in us, and is always willing to show the way.

For the whimsical teacher

For the teacher who likes a touch of whimsy in their lives, yet is eternally practical. Whether it’s a spill-proof thermos or a cute mini-fan for those unbearably hot days, this is for them.

For the busy teacher

For the teacher who’s always running around after their students at school and their children at home. Encourage them to carve out some ‘me-time’, with a body massage roller to smooth out those kinks. Or, simply sit back anywhere and enjoy some smooth listening on a portable speaker while sipping on a glass of full-bodied red.

For the fancy teacher

For the teacher who takes time out to help the students falling behind, and who takes care and pays attention to their appearance and always takes detailed notes in beautiful notebooks.

For the creative teacher

For the teacher who's always on their toes and can think up a game on the spot. They look at the world a little differently, and are always ready to bring out the guitar.

And as an added bonus, we’re offering everyone 25rmb off their next order in honor of Teacher’s Day! Check the image below for more details.