Seriously Scary Halloween Decorations

Want to make your home extra spooky for Halloween? Sure, you already have the odd cockroach skittering around and a fridge that makes weird noises at night, but here's what you need to really push it over the edge...
Buried Alive Skeleton Prop

15 years ago, Bob said, "I'm going to sit right here until my landlord fixes my water heater." This is him now.

LED Powered Mini Cauldron

This cauldron is lit!

Spooky Gummy Candy, 1kg

They may or may not scream loudly when you bite into them.

Horrifying Halloween Banner Decoration

A festive string of severed body parts, bloodied tools and weapons for the most extreme of Halloween enthusiasts.

Zombie Warning Signs

Are you hungry for brains now? Can't say we didn't warn ya...

Ceramic Pumpkin Mug & Cover

Enjoy a bowl of beetle soup, blood pudding or magical potion.

3D Halloween Wallpaper Sticker

Nothing like a murderous, vengeful ghost crawling out of your TV to get the Halloween festivities going!

Glow In The Dark Ornaments

Let these glow in the dark wall decals light the way as you make your way over to the fridge in the middle of the night.

3D Effect Scary Poster

"There's nothing wrong with this picture. You've just had too much to drink, buddy."

Decorative Bat Stickers

Create your own Batcave, minus the responsibility.

Crystal Glass Skull Bottle

The scariest part is when you come home to find the skull bottle that was once filled with whisky is empty now.

Bloody Handprints & Footprints Decal

Stick 'em on your shower walls, windows or laptop for an extra dose of spooky.