The Greatest Star Wars Gifts in the Galaxy

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In honor of Star Wars Day, we've roamed the galaxy to handpick the perfect gifts for your Jedi and Sith brethren. Loud and proud or subtle and stylish, we've got the best gear to keep the force strong with you and yours. May the 4th be with you!

Lightsaber Magic Mug

You didn't know lightsabers were powered by coffee crystals?

Death Star Ice Mold

Pop a Death Star or Vader Helmet into your whiskey and get sith faced.

K2-SO Funk-Pop Figurine

He's only here because Captain said he had to.

Who's Your Daddy Phone Case

Hey, I just met you, and this is crazy, but I am your father, so call me Daddy.

Official Force Awakens LEGO Sets

Keep an eye out for the sequel LEGO set, "The Force Goes Back to Bed".

Flat-Pane Hologram Night Light

Shame there isn't a Princess Leia option (c'mon, she's the OG hologram!) but these are still kewl.

Star Wars Ink Sofa Cushions

Perfect companions for an all-out Star Wars movie binge.

3D Stormtrooper Nightlight

Sure to help find the droid you're looking for in the dark.

BB-8 Ceramic Mug With Lid

Who knew BB-8's insides would be so tasty?

R2D2 Anatomy T-Shirt

Find out what's really going down inside your favorite droid.

Retractable Glowing Light Saber

Don't worry, it comes with sound effects so you don't have to run around making the "schwoom" noise with your mouth.

Stormtrooper Large Capacity Backpack

"You ever think that maybe we're the bad guys?"
"Nah, let's just head back to the Death St-- the ship."