Spruce Up Your Home This Spring!

Spring is just around the corner, and that means it’s time to revamp your interior design. The end of a cold winter calls for experimenting with fresh new pieces and upgrading with the change in seasons! If you’re a little short on ideas, below are five easy ways to give your home a springtime vibe.

Wood and Woven Accents

Wooden or woven pieces will give your home a more natural and organic feel.

Pastel Colors

Nothing says spring like pastel shades. Adding some of these pinks, blues, and yellows will be a welcome change from the darker colors of winter.

Cute Pottery

Whether it’s for your plants or for kitchen and dining, ceramics and pottery are a great way to decorate.

Printed Patterns

Printed sheets and pillows will brighten up any room! Below are some products that can add a playful touch to your home.


Of course your home will need a pop of green for spring. Check out these plants below, or browse our wider selection for more inspiration.