Life Lessons From Chinglish Clothing

Chinese clothes have a wonderful way with English words. Chinglish or not, these are sure to bring a dose of laughter, confusion, or inspiration… and sometimes all three.

It will make people fear and respect you.

Don't Upset Anyone

From ¥38.45

This is some solid advice that you might hear from a sweet grandma that you feel like you can instinctively trust.

Look in the mirror and read this shirt out loud to yourself until it's true.

If you got everything you wanted the moment you wanted it, what would the point of living be?

Get Up With Smile

From ¥34.25

Start your day with smile and nothing can bring you down!

We always try to remain hopeful that someday some aspects of our life could change for the better. This sweatshirt is here to remind you that they probably won't.




If someone asks you to do something and this word doesn't immediately come to mind, it's not worth doing.

Be honest with your friends. They don't need to give you a chance, they need to give you many chances.

Whether you're dealing with #sunny, #rainy or other #troubles, happiness comes from within.

Don't Feel Small


To an ant, you are huge.

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