Lighters So Hot They’re Smokin’

Creative lighters make a great gift for anyone that loves burning candles, chain smoking cigarettes and cooking with gas stoves.

Pistol Lighter

This looks more like a firework than a lighter.

Chinese Retro Lighter

A lighter to make you stand out from the crowd and look cultured.

Match Lighter

Instead of using actual matches, you can use a lighter than looks like a match!

Phone Ring Lighter

Don't be the annoying person that never has a lighter.

Smartwatch With Lighter

What time is it? Time you got a watch... with a lighter built in!

Fidget Spinner Lighter

Ah the Fidger Spinner... entertainment for all ages! Although maybe don't let a child use this one.

Mini Wine Bottle Lighter

Cigarettes and alcohol, an unlikely pairing.

iPhone Lighter

The new iPhone looks a lot smaller than we had imagined!

Fire Extinguisher Lighter

If this lighter gets too hot hopefully it will extinguish itself.

Car Key Lighter

Not to be confused with your actual car keys.

Blow Torch Lighter

You will feel at least 10x cooler using this lighter over your current Family Mart lighter.

Little Piggy Lighter

This piggy built his home out of fire-proof materials.

Mini Cigarette Lighter

Fits conveniently in your cigarette pack.

Bedazzled Mini Lighter

Tell your friends you only use lighters encrusted with real diamonds.

Zippo Unicorn Lighter

We had to include Zippo on this list! Find more from their store here.

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