Love Is In The Hair

Having strong, healthy and beautiful hair is easier than you might think.
Innisfree Green Tea Scalp Conditioner

Use every 1-2 weeks before shampooing to provide your scalp with some much needed nourishment.

Fasola Scalp Massage Brush

Use this handy brush to lather up your shampoo and give you an extra good cleanse. The mini scalp massage ain't bad either.

Seeyoung Repair Hair Mask * 2

Using a deep conditioning treatment every so often will help stop the vicious cycle of running out of conditioner before your shampoo.

Schwarzkopf Hair Essential Oils

Just like skin serums, hair serums are designed to deliver a large amount moisturizing agents to the hair to keep it hydrated and soft.

Tangle Teezer Brush

Use in the shower to brush through conditioning treatments or after hair is dry for pain-free detangling.

Printed Hair String Set

Use a soft hair rope to eliminate the unappealing dent caused by using elastic hair ties and help protect your hair shaft.

Extra Virgin Coconut Oil, 200ml

Coconut oil is an excellent conditioner and provides the essential proteins required for nourishing and healing damaged hair.

Huinengda Hair Dryer

Choose a hair dryer that have cold wind option. It still do the job and won't damage your hair like the heat one.

Moroccan Agan Oil Treatment

Wash your hair and then apply the hair. Wait for 5 minutes and use hot water to wash it off for more voluminous and healthy hair!