Love Yourself: Beauty & Grooming Picks

We've rounded up some of our favorite beauty and grooming products at great prices on baopals. To be fair, we're including items for both sexes. So let's start looking, smelling and feeling better!

Brightening Color Lipstick


A highly pigmented, lasting and moisturizing lipstick. It goes on smoothly and doesn't smudge or transfer on contact. Five shades available.

Osis+ Freeze Finish Hairspray


The product images are quick to point out that German-made osis+ is a hit among Asia's celebrities. But you don't need to be rich or famous to use this quality strong hold hair spray.

Green Tea Balancing Lotion


A highly concentrated lotion with eco-friendly jeju fresh green tea. The natural moisturizing factor betadine from the amino acids provides intense moisture to restore the skin's natural oil-moisture balance.

Listerine Cool Mint, 3-Pack


Fresh breath is underrated. Why spend ¥40-45 per bottle at the store when you can get three at this low price with just a few clicks? Check out the official Listerine store for more flavors.

Old Spice Deodorant Sticks


Smell like a man, man.

HEXZE Lasting Pink Blush


This blush from popular Korean brand Hexze blends into the skin for a silky finish. It can be worn alone or layered for more depth. Highlight your complexion with a subtle healthy glow.

Kate Tokyo Stick Concealer


This all-over face concealer out of Japan glides on easily to erase imperfections and camouflage those panda eyes. Suitable for any skin and comes in two shades.

Maybelline Eye & Lip Makeup Remover


There are thousands of make up removers and cleansers available, and this is one of the best options we can find in terms of value, brand, and seller.

Gillette Fusion Proshield Set


Gilette Fusion ProShield blades feature lubrication before and after the blades to shield from irritation. Head over to Gilette's official store for more than 100 other Gilette products.

ILISYA 4-Color Eyeshadow


Add some dazzle to your eyes with the 4-color pallette of your choice from popular local brand Ilisya. Be sure to check out the product images for usage tips and examples.

Philips QT4000 Beard Styler


Perfect beard and stubble with less hassle. 10 built-in length settings deliver a precise and customizable trimming experience without the need for multiple separate attachments. With a fully washable head, simply rinse under the faucet for easy cleaning.

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