Marvelous Movie Merchandise: Animated Edition

So many awesome movie themed items can be found on Baopals! Today we are paying homage to some of our favorite animated movies.

Coco Tote Bag


Perfect for storing your stuff on a day trip to the land of the dead.

Plush Baymax Pillow

From ¥43.70

Unfortunately we haven't found one that is actually as big as Baymax.

Fuzzy Totoro Backpack

From ¥65.75

Who can resist that smile?

I am Groot. And this is my jam!

Let these cute pillows serve as a reminder to just keep swimming!

 This book features character sketches, storyboards, lighting studies, interviews with Pixar animators and more.

Up Pin Holder


Never has there been a cuter way to display pins.

While we can't work at Monsters, Inc., we can celebrate its awesomeness with some lovely fan art!

Fancy paying a visit to Elsa? Better bring this's going to be cold!

If you're lucky he might just turn into a real bear.

Wall-E Art Prints

From ¥125.60

Wall-E on your walls. It just seems right.

People might think you're bonkers for having this bag. But we'll tell you a secret - all the best people are.