This One’s For Daddy Dearest

Father's Day is just around the corner! While tossing the ole pigskin around and some handwritten coupons for mowing the lawn got by when you were a kid, now it's time to step things up with one of our awesome gift ideas perfect for the old man.

Waterproof Cards & Keys Wallet

From ¥38.45

"Well, The Keys is the keys to success, keys to life... keys of winning, keys of joy, keys of happiness. The keys never run out, each key leads to the next key." - DJ Khaled

Philips OneBlade Electric Razor

From ¥299.90

Designed to trim, edge, and shave any length of hair, from a 5 o'clock shadow to Merlin's beard.

Edge Cube Bluetooth Speaker


Cue the general dad music most dads seem to like (and forced you to listen to growing up).

Adidas Grooming Gift Set


Includes shower gel, shampoo, facial cleanser and aftershave for looking and smelling your best.

George Orwell Book Set


Big Brother wants you to buy these novels for your dad.

Lartisan Charcoal Grill

From ¥100.40

Step aside, all inferior grillmasters!

Best Papa Ever Mug


Makes for a great gift from the Best Offspring Ever.

Jack Link's Beef Jerky, 454g

From ¥205.40

"[Insert sibling's name here] wanted to get you a salad."

Enmex Bamboo Watch


The Enmex Watch Store gets a lot of action on Baopals. One look at the clean and sleek design explains why.

Canon Selphy Wireless Photo Printer

From ¥813.35

From professionally shot photos to silly family photos that you would never want to see the light of day, this is everything you need to get started printing your own high-quality images right at home.

Minipresso Portable Coffee Maker Gift Box


The basic essentials for survival in a cruel world.

N1 Noise Cancelling Earphones


Here's a great opportunity for a poorly timed dad joke about how he won't have to hear your mother complaining anymore.

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