Pet Health & Happiness

Man domesticated the ancestor of the dog over 15,000 years ago for hunting and companionship. The cat domesticated humans a little over 10,000 years ago, hurtling us forward to our need for cute kitten videos as stress reduction.

In return, our pets deserve love, care, regular feeding, and overall health. What is a pet parent to do when they take on the responsibility of another life? Here are several products you can find online to help you and your babies stay clean and perky.

Grooming & Home Care

If you are one of the hordes of pet parents in the city, your priorities include battling fur and shedding daily. Spring and summer months may find your carpets looking extra thick with a layer of dog fur or rabbit down. To reduce the wear and tear on the vacuum, a daily brushing is absolutely essential, not to mention creating a lovely way to bond with your furry friend.

Pet Fur Removal Glove


Best for cats and short haired dogs, this glove won’t help you look like Michael Jackson, but it offers a soothing massage (notice all those dimple dots) for the pet, and makes sliding off the fur a lot easier.

Cat Fur & Furniture Brush


Its dotted exterior creates enough friction to brush your cat, remove cat hair from the sofa, and as an added bonus, serves as a stress ball when you can’t find anything else to squeeze (don't oversqueeze your cat!).

Quick-Release Fur Brush


This brush works well with long haired dogs and cats. The release button separates the combed fur down into a felted mound for easy disposal.

Lint Roller & Replacement Rolls


Whether you have a pet or not, this item is a definite requirement for daily life. Stuff just sticks to you, and a handy lint/pet hair remover always saves the day. If you're feeling fancy, try it in leopard print.

Smell-Removing Disinfectant Spray


Dogs seem to exude a certain je ne sais quoi pheromone that eventually turns into a nuclear funk if you don't bathe them regularly. The funk often sticks to fabric like durian even after the dog in question has gone through the wash. Use this spray to help you reduce the cloud to something less pungent.

Cone Tooth Pet Hair Comb

From ¥26.90

Specifically designed with cone shaped nodes for curly hair breeds, this comb will keep your dog looking like Queen Bey at the Grammy’s.

Pet Pampering

Herbal shampoos can make your Bowzer smell much nicer than he/she normally does, and look awfully pretty as well. While the most conscientious daily grooming won’t keep fleas away, you can pick up a box of flea and tick medicine appropriate for your animal from your local vet.

Lorde Hypoallergenic Dog Shampoo


It is what clean smells like. Whether it can take a dog who smells the opposite of clean, and turn it around into a Westminster Dog Show winner is another question.

CATIDEA Foaming Waterless Shampoo


If the idea of washing your cat sends you to hide under the bed with your cat, then this is the product for you (and the cat too!). Simply rub the mousse into your cat with her favorite towel nearby to towel dry.

Heinz Apple Cider Vinegar, 946ml


Combine 1 cup of ACV with 1.5 cups of distilled water, wash thoroughly and follow up with a lot of towel drying and brushing for a bright, shiny coat. Don't like the scent of vinegar? Add a few sprigs of peppermint to steep in the water and vinegar mix. Mint is imbued with chemicals that keep bugs away, and it’s not harmful to a dog’s sensitive skin. Don't try this with a cat though; it will never forgive you.

Dental Care

We may not realize how much our dogs and cats and rabbits suffer from tooth decay. If only they had opposable thumbs that could help them brusha-brusha-brusha, but as it stands, their enslaved humans must be ready to take on the task before our beloved creatures lose most, if not all, their teeth to the cavity devils.

Pet Dental Finger Wipes


Finger gloves are a necessity for that semi-onerous task of descaling your canine's canines.

Trixie Cat Toothpaste & Brush


Cats seem to like the fishy flavor of this product, so it's unlikely that there's going to be a catfight to get kitty to open up.

Bobo Dog Toothpaste & Brush


When your dog inevitably licks you right on the mouth, you're going to want their breath to smell decent.

On a final note, many people have developed allergies to dog, cat, and rabbit hair and dander. This may be the reason one company is touting 2017 as the year of the tree frog. Hairless, toothless, relatively quiet and portable, and comes in pastel.

Live Tree Frogs


Mila Tan is a newbie online shopper and guest writer who has found a lot of fun household items for her and her pet cat Loopi on Baopals.