21 Weird & Wonderful Beds For Your Pet

Show off your cat or dog’s unique personality with one of these weird and wonderful pet beds. Disclaimer: We cannot guarantee your cat will ever set foot in any of these.

Transparent Capsule

A futuristic way of never letting your cat out of sight.

Bird's Nest

For the amateur architecture enthusiast.

Bubble Head

Finally let your cat live out its dream of flying a UFO the eff outta here.

Giant Crocs

You can tell even the dog thinks they're awful.


Sit down and watch Octopussy with your cat right after buying this. Also includes lamb and pufferfish options.


Add another thing to your house that might scratch you.


When what you actually want is a baby.

Indoor Tent

Get your pets involved in this year's staycation.

Flower Pot

Water once a day and re-pot every few hours.


Food Themed

There is something disturbing about how many food themed pet beds we found…but we won’t dwell on it because they are so darn cute!

Garlic Clove

Now your love of garlic can translate to every aspect of your life!

Fruit Mats

For a fresh summer feel.

Tuna Can

Your cat might actually use this one.

Fruit Roll

Choose from a range of patisseries, including a fruit tart and crêpe.


No need to carve a scary face into this one.


Doesn't she look like her name is Princess Consuela?

Miniature Beds

This selection of pet beds has taken the name quite literally.

Luxury Four Poster

A deluxe dog bed for the discerning owner.

Princess Castle

This might actually be for kids...close enough.

Bunk Beds

Just in case your dog wants to have a sleepover.

Night Stand Combo

When you've got limited space.

Japanese Tatami Style

Probably more comfy than your own bed!

Plush Crib

Only for puppies.