Positively Plus-Size Apparel

Not all “plus size” clothes were created equal. Just ask any larger laowai who shops in China, this writer included. Fortunately, the Baopals community can help! Baopals shoppers have purchased and reviewed plenty of plus size items, and we’ve done some searching through our Discover Reviews section to find shoppers’ favorites of the XL+ variety.

Ladies, if you’re looking for more, be sure to check out our extensive Women’s Plus-Size Apparel department. Gents, look for the “Big & Tall” category in the Men’s Apparel department.

Solid Black Pencil Skirt

Men's Jean Shorts

Comfy Wide-Leg Pants

Streetwear Flat Caps

Snow White Loose Fit Sweater

High-Waist Two-Piece Bikini

Stretchy Women's Jeans

"Fat Man" Suit Vest

Striped Long Dress

Winter Robes For Him & Her

Hip Hop Legends T-Shirt

Sexy One-Piece Swimsuit

Blouse & Sweater Combo

Button-Up Short-Sleeve Shirts

Hipseat Baby Carrier

Loose Lace Top

Men's Summer Shorts

Thick V-Neck Long Dress

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