Putting Sustainability Into Practice

Sustainability has become some-what of a ‘hot’ topic in recent years for very good reason: to bring about change in the world. Our planet is going through some tough times right now, and we can all work together to change the current paradigm moving forward. The best way you can contribute to this change is by doing something, anything, no matter how small. This mindful change can be as easy by swapping or replacing (once the product is finished) to more sustainable alternatives. Here are some food-for-thought items to think about to help activate your part in the quest for sustainability.

Portable Stainless Steel Mug

Travel mugs can be made personal and fit your individual ergonomic design needs. Say goodbye to burnt fingers from paper cups, cut lips from plastic lids and contributing to our growing landfills!

Reusable Cup & Straw

These travel cups are perfect for sipping your water or cool drink of choice throughout the day. They are reusable and look fabulous!

Reusable Bowl Covers

Reducing one’s plastic intake is made easier by swapping old habits for new ones: instead of covering last night’s taco chili with cellophane, cover it with a reusable, washable cover (+ you’d be ensuring 100% freshness for lunch the next day!).

Compost Bins

Reduce your household waste by throwing food waste (fruit and vegetable skins, leftover food, pips, etc.) into your very own compost – instead of the bin – and produce your own rich fertilizer for your garden/plants.

Cotton Canvas Bag

This simple bag is trendy and can be reused countless times. What better feeling is there than saying “I’ve got my own bags, thank you” at the till?

Mesh Produce Bag

Use produce bags for picking and weighing loose fruit and veg when going to the shops – a swell option to lessen the abundant plastic consumption of pre-packaged food.

Stainless Steel Straws

Plastic straws present themselves as a land and ocean-pollutant issue; they are too small to be recycled and end up in landfill by the millions. This easy swap is a definite step in the right direction. Make sure to give it a good clean to avoid the horrid taste of week-old banana.

Aluminum Spray Bottles

These come in handy when making your own linen/room spray, low-fat cooking spray, storing travel sized makeup remover or buying bulk and decanting liquids for ease-of-use.

Resealable Glass Jars

A nice glass jar is great for storing grains, nuts, dried fruit, pickled food, liquids, toiletry items, etc. (and is aesthetically appealing on your kitchen shelves!).

Some of Our Top Tips:

– Choose loose produce items over already packaged ones. If you cannot avoid buying pre-packaged produce, check if the packaging is recyclable and remember to recycle items correctly (cardboard, plastic, aluminium, glass, etc.).

– Some items (such as a silicone mat, reusable mug, steel straw, and reusable bowl covers) might appear to be more expensive than their cheaper, single-use alternatives; but the savings you would make long-term by not having to repurchase the same single-use item again and again will eventually start paying itself off.

Lunette Menstrual Cup

Find your perfect fit and begin your journey of zero waste periods. These are eco-friendly and can last several years (replace once tears/ holes occur).

Reusable Waterproof Non-Stick Cloth

A superb replacement to non-stick spray and oil/baking paper. You'll only have to buy one or two of them in your lifetime!

Reusable Freezer Bags

Eliminate the guessing game of what single-use plastic to store freezer food in by popping them into colorful, washable, reusable bags (perfect for that desirable “organized” freezer look, too).

Reusable Makeup Remover Pads

Wash and reuse these pads after using them to remove your makeup to become more zero waste oriented.

Compostable Dog Poop Bags

100% compostable and earth friendly with a jasmine scent. Decreasing your single-use plastic waste and keeping fellow walkers happy and healthy.

KANS Moisturizing Toner

Environmentally friendly and sustainable, and founded in Shanghai! Find more from KANS here.