Realistic New Years Resolutions

It’s been a solid couple days since the new year began, just enough time for your enthusiasm and determination to stick to those New Years Resolutions to fade away almost completely. Here are some products to help you continue living your 2018 lifestyle, but better. There’s always next year!

Computer Privacy Film

Nobody will be able to see what kind of illicit websites you are browsing at work, bringing your productivity levels to an all time high.

Cigarette Case & Lighter

Winners never quit.

Bar Butler Drink Dispenser

Spend less time drinking alone at a bar, and more time drinking alone at home instead.

Prism Reading Glasses

Expand the realms of your mind without moving from the comfort of your own couch, or even lifting up your head.

Just Do It Later Shirt

Applies to paying bills, seeing the dentist, responding to work related e-mails and more!

Giant Bean Bag

Don't just sit on the bean bag chair, become the bean bag chair.

Serving Bowl With Garbage Bin

It's good for the environment.

Ostrich Pillow

Take some life advice from the ostrich: if you can't see it, it doesn't exist.

Adult Diapers

Don't think of it as giving up, think of it as forward-thinking.

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