Relax At Home With Aromatherapy & More

Relaxing at home can go well beyond lying on the couch watching TV and eating potato chips (although, there is absolutely nothing wrong with that). Scented oils, incense and more have properties that help take your relaxation to the next level, soothing your body and mind. Here's everything you need to get started!

Essential Oils & Humidifiers

There is a wide variety of essential oils, and they all have different uses. If you want an energy boost, choose peppermint or lemon. But if you need to relax, lavender is the best choice.  You can use essential oils on your skin, take them orally (be sure to check with a medical professional first!) or just add a few drops into the water in an indoor humidifier.

Eco&More Lavender Essential Oil

Lavender is probably one of the most well known essential oils because of its many useful properties. This oil promotes a calm and relaxed mental state, relieving any stress and nervous tension.

Eco&More Tea Tree Essential Oil

Among its many useful properties, tea tree oil is fabulous for helping to clear blemishes and other problem skin areas.

Various Essential Oils

Educate yourself about the benefits of different essential oils and find out which one works best for you. But be warned, you might become addicted!


Incense gives your home a peaceful and relaxing touch. It is even known to help alleviate headaches and heighten sexual desire!

Zen Incense Holder

"I ordered the water feature with the plant, incense, and fisherman. Easy to put together, no instructions in box. Waterfall is pretty robust and had to fiddle with it to get the level of flow and sound that worked best for us. I like it. Recommend." - Anonymous

Indian Incense Sticks

"Buy six boxes to get a free wooden incense burner. The incense smells incredible. It's impossible to feel stressed out when the rich musk fills your nose." - Bigwangbowski

Wooden Incense Holder

"Great for when you're tired of having a little ring of ash around your incense holder and you just want to be able to dump it and go. Looks nice and makes cleanup easy. I've bought four of them and my whole apartment smells like a Buddhist temple. 10/10" - azbedel

Home Goods

Taking care of your body and home with products that smell good and have natural ingredients is one of the best ways to relax and feel good.