Need A New Look For Your Living Space?

Need a new look for your living space, but have no idea where to start? Here are four different ways to spruce up your apartment using Baopals products!


Cozy, simple, and aesthetically pleasing, a minimalist design is great if you're looking to make your home clutter-free and Instagram-worthy. Here are some products to pull off that sleek, modern look for your apartment.


Want some greener vibes to freshen up your home? Tropical-themed decor with bright bedding and furniture is the way to go here.

Vintage Boho

Pretty prints, woven baskets, tapestries and wood accents can come together to give your home some more cozy, boho vibes.


Cute-ify your home with pastel colour schemes and florals. Plus, that faux fur throw is perfect to curl up with on a chair, or can be used as a pretty rug for your home.