Summer Sun Basking & Swimming Essentials

Summer time and the living is easy, the sun is out and the wind is breezy. Whether you plan on going for a dip in the pool or a trip to the beach, here are some goods to help you brown your peach.

A dip in the pool will leave you feeling cool:

Inflatable Pizza Slice Pool Bed

Why not top this pizza with your body. I hope that was cheesy enough for you.

Underwater MP3 player

Need a break from the kids screeching? These will really drown out the noise.

Backpack Water Gun

Bring your PUBG skills to the pool.

Waterproof Phone & Watch Bag

Protect your phone and watch with this waterproof bag.

Nose & Ear Plugs

Keep the water out of your schnozzle and ears too.

Swimming Goggles

Protect your eyes from the chlorine. These goggles fit tight and are sure to keep your eyes white.

Children's Towel Cape

These hooded, wearable towels will keep the kids from catching a chill when getting out of the pool.

Maybelline Waterproof Mascara

Goodbye raccoon eyes. Boast gorgeous lashes, even in the pool.

Inflatable Swimming Pools

Don't have beach or pool access? Why not have a pool party at the park, or in your lounge, whatever floats your flamingo.

A trip to the beach:

Beach Umbrella

Keep yourself shaded under this traditional, travel friendly, stripped beach umbrella.

Beach Towels

These beach towels are gorgeous and practical.

Neutrogena Sport Spray Sunscreen

This sunscreen sprays on, so it's really easy to apply.

Women's Beachwear

A variety of very pretty designs to cater to your personal preference and look.

Men's Beach Shorts

You can be real beach bum in these.

Disney Kids Swimwear

Most kids will agree, Disney is for every occasion, including the beach.

Wide Brimmed Hats

Choose from a wide variety of colorful patterns. Comes with a rope so it won't fly off in the wind.

Beach Baseball Cap

This cap is as beachy as it gets.

Pet Cap

Sun protection for your furry friend.

Mermaid Costume

Go all out and be Ariel for the day. Under the sea, where things are better because it is wetter, under the sea.

Beach Bag

Towels at the top, snacks and drinks at the bottom.

Beach Toys

Keep the kids entertained with these cute toys.

Beach Ball

The kids are sure to have a real ball with one of these.

Tempt Ciders x 6, 330ml

Unwind and relax while sipping on one of these delicious ciders.

Lays Variety Pack, 10*40g

Snack attack! A flavor for everyone.

Guest writer Sarah J. Pretorius is an English teacher in Dalian, China. She is a mother to an inquisitive and energetic 3 year old boy. Writer, photographer and artist. Eccentric, yoga enthusiast, avid reader, lover of art, poetry and music.

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