The Ultimate Home Brewing Coffee Guide

Being a coffee fanatic is not a simple task. The more coffee you drink, the more coffee you need. If you are like most of us and it is hard for you to make it through the day without one (or several) cups of coffee, you've come to the right place. Of course, there are many places where you can buy a great cup of coffee for the right price, but brewing your own great cup feels much more rewarding. Here are some different ways you can enjoy your own delicious homemade coffee without needing to splurge on a coffee machine.

Step 1: Pick The Right Coffee

American Ground Black Coffee, 454g

The perfect balance between price and quality. With so many positive reviews, you can tell this product is a fan favorite on Baopals.

Blue Mountain Sinloy, 1kg

One of the most popular coffee brands in China. Check their official store and pick the type of roast that you like the most.

STREAMCOFFEE Honduras Finca Mocha, 120g

Enjoy coffee from all over the world! It wasn't easy to only pick one, so visit STREAMCOFFEE's shop and find your favorite.

Step 2: Get Some Gadgets

Making the best home brewed coffee is not an easy task, and takes time and patience. We've selected some key gadgets to take your coffee brewing to the next level. Show off your coffee skills at home with your friends, or at the office with your co-workers.

Stainless Steel Gooseneck Kettle 600ml.

If you care about detail, this is the kettle you should use when brewing coffee. A gooseneck kettle will ensure your timing, water amount and pouring speed are in top form.

Hero Hand Operated Grinder

The best way to grind your coffee is to do it manually, and this is the perfect grinder for any occasion. You can pick the grain size, and it will only take a few minutes for your beans to be coffee ready.

Coffee Timer Scale 3kg/0.1g

When it comes to perfection, a scale is a must have. This one even has a timer if you are a true coffee expert.

Step 3: Select Your Brewing Method

There are many debates on which brewing method is best, but in our opinion they are all great and decision is ultimately yours. Here are three classic options for brewing your own coffee, recommended by baristas.

Chemex Hand-Brewed Coffee Pot

The classic Chemex is one of the best known brewing methods around. This product has great quality and can lead to amazing coffee. Try it straight out of the box!
(medium grind recommended)

Aeropress GO Portable Version

The legendary Aeropress is one of the most popular brewing methods, and even has a Championship in the barista world. The Aeropress is the perfect brewer to take everywhere you go; your home, office, camping... you name it!
(espresso grind recommended)

French Press Coffee Plunger

The French press is one of the most traditional brewing methods. It will give you a full body coffee with a great taste, and it also works with tea.
(course grind recommended)

Step 4: Practice, More Practice And Patience

Coffee brewing is not a simple task. While having the right method and equipment is very important, you will need to practice frequently. It is a really rewarding learning process, but it takes time. After you are comfortable with one way of brewing, you can change everything again: the coffee you buy, the method you use, the size of the grind and more. There are so many variables, and each one will give you a totally different cup. So now we leave all up to you. Get the equipment you need and start experimenting!