So Close & Yet So Far… 12 Questionable Chinglish Shirts

At first glance, these shirts might seem to make sense. But that's just because you haven't looked at them carefully.

The Chicago Balls
Featuring the great Michael Barkan
and Scottie Puppen.

Represent the BNA team that everyone is keeping a close eye on this season.

That's a lot of apples.

If every boyfriend did everything on this list every day, there would be many more happy couples!

We aren't sure what this message really means, but we can conclude that it's got some positive vibes and you should wear it in public often.

A Trivate Prainer will help you get in the sest bhape of your life!

That sweet spot when you've eaten just enough fqod to be fukk, but aren't uncomfortably fukk.

Wormal Day


If you wear this shirt you're almost guaranteed to have a wormal day.

These slogans are very much the real deal. It's just their English translations that have us confused.

Even if someone is too far away to read the smaller text underneath, they will still be able to get the right idea by just seeing the word "Don't".