Crocodiles, Scorpions & Other Delicacies

For many thousands of years Chinese people have been known for their unique traditional medicine ingredients, ranging from rare herbs to strange animal parts. You've probably heard a few crazy tales about them, but seeing is believing. Take a walk on the wild side below!

Disclaimer: We aren't advocating the sale or purchase of these items. They exist. That is all.

Black Mountain Ants, 100g

Treat impotence and stimulate immunity by drinking a soothing cup of tea filled with black mountain ants. Ants can carry 3-5 thousand times their body weight, so it's worth a shot!

Wild Centipedes, 50g

Used to remedy seizures and convulsions, centipedes could be deep-fried, boiled, or served with white wine. Personally, we prefer to munch on them straight out of the bag.

Crocodile Forearm, 1kg

Crocodile is known to nourish the heart, lungs, blood, and kidneys and relieve coughs and asthma. You could add it to a pot of soup, braise it along with other vegetables, or eat it as sashimi.

Deer Sinew, 500g

The Chinese believe in eating what you want to improve. Therefore it makes a lot of sense that deer sinew is used for strengthening bones and blood nourishment.

Deer Penis, 100g

To spice things up with your romantic partner, drink a glass of aphrodisiac deer genital wine. Chinese elders claim that this always does the trick.

Dried Gecko, 30g

Used in Chinese liquor, the glassy-eyed stare of the gecko is said to scare away cancer, arthritis, and ulcers, among other nefarious ills. Seems legit.

Hornet Nests, 500g

While most people would run in the opposite direction of a hornet's nest, on Baopals you can buy them by the bag! After cleaning and boiling it, you could eat it with bread or steamed Chinese buns. They are both crunchy and nutritious, but probably not delicious.

Dried Seahorse, 6g

They nourish your kidneys and prevent aging! Just don’t think about the cute seahorses from Finding Nemo when you eat them.

Fresh Starfish, 500g

Helps with detoxification and weight loss. Simply boil it and voila! There goes poor Patrick Star.

Dried Scorpions, 50g

Commonly boiled, fried, and stir-fried, these deadly scorpions are used to treat poisoning. Ironic, isn't it?

Softshell Turtle, 2kg

Known to moisturize the skin, prevent cancer and treat diarrhea. Your skin will surely be as smooth as a turtle’s shell after consumption.