Game of Thrones Returns!

At long last, the highly anticipated Game of Thrones eighth (and final) season premiere is almost here! On April 15, rep your house or favorite character with our top picks of GOT themed goodies for your weekly watch parties.

I Know Nothing T-Shirt

This shirt is handy in class when you don't want the teacher to call on you, or if you are a teacher and don't want your students to ask you questions. Includes a "Mother of Cats" option and a few others.

Whitewalker iPhone Case

Next season, it's their time to shine.

Game of Thrones Monopoly

Playing the Game of Thrones has broken up many families. Playing GOT Monopoly might just break up yours.

White Walker By Johnny Walker, 700ml

If only the White Walkers had a bottle of this to drink! Then maybe they wouldn't be so cold...

Funko Pop GOT Figurines

Get them while they're still alive in the show!

Zippo GOT Lighter

Have you ever seen a more badass lighter?

Game of Thrones T-Shirt

Apparently Kit Harrington models for Taobao now...

Game of Thrones Music Box

Wind it up to play the Game of Thrones theme song to get pumped up before the start of every episode.

Mini Iron Throne Replica

This would look tasteful in just about any room of your house. Don't be alarmed if you come home one day to find a cockroach king sitting in it, commanding an army.

Game of Thrones Umbrella

No amount of backstabbing small council members, dragon fire or raindrops can penetrate the protection of this umbrella.

GOT House Pendant

Choose wisely.

A Song of Ice & Fire Book Series

If you've watched the show, but haven't read the books... Shame! *rings bell* Shame!

Cover image via Quirky Byte.