Stay Safe On The Streets!

Here in China, we are lucky that the crime rate is low and we can walk around feeling safe. However, there are still many dangers presented by all of the bikes, scooters, cars and buses whizzing around everywhere. Stay safe and vigilant, whether you are on a scooter, bike or your own two legs. Here are some important items that can help increase your visibility and safety on the streets.

Children's Safety Helmet

This one is a no-brainer. Protect your child's brain!

Adult Motorcycle Helmet

Be sure to protect your own brain as well.

Side View Mirror

A mirror, combined with your own two eyeballs, is the best way to make sure you don't miss anything while navigating the streets.

Bicycle Spoke Lights

Biking at night can be safe and fun, especially when you have your own travelling disco.

Bicycle Reflective Tape

Stick it on your scooter, your helmet, your bicycle...just about anywhere you can think of!

Children's Sport Protective Set

There's nothing worse than bandaging up a scrape or bruise on a crying child. And for a crying adult, here's the adult version.

Glowing Wristband

Wear it all night long, from your bicycle to the club.

Fashionable Helmet Cap

If you feel like helmets will make you look uncool, try a fashionable helmet cap instead!

Rechargeable Bike Light

If you're biking in an area with poor lighting, make sure you use a bike light so everybody notices you.

Children's Safety Belt

If you've been living in China, you've seen some sketchy ways that people carry their children around on scooters. Try this instead! It can also be worn with the child on your back.

Portable Electric Charging Pump

Sometimes broken glass or other sharp objects can ruin your tires, and your day too.

First Aid Kit

Keep a first aid kit on hand for any injuries that might occur.