Step Up Your Kitchen Game For Under 100 RMB

It's time to get hot and steamy in the kitchen... for under 100 RMB.
Panini Press

Don't be fooled by the name; use this bad boy to fry up some bacon, grill veggies and make omelettes.

Food Processor

Almond butter, pureed soup, pesto and more in the press of a button. Includes a mini spatula to make sure you don't miss a smidgen.

Floor Wiping Shoes

Even if you're just in the kitchen to eat some unhealthy snacks, if you're wearing these you are being productive.

Mini Sun Toaster

Toasted bread is what kings and queens eat.

Garlic Press

Life changing.

Electric Mixer

Mix up a quick batch of guacamole, mashed potatoes and cookie dough.

Kesun Blender & Juicer

Go on that juice cleanse your weird vegan cousin keeps telling you about.

Gatech Coffee Maker

The most socially acceptable addiction! Get your fix.

Kitchen Knives & Tools Set

Even if you are completely useless in the kitchen, impress with your ability to prep food. It completely justifies calling yourself a sous chef.

Bear Egg Steamer

It's got a plastic cover so you can't hear the eggs screaming.

Multi-Functional Produce Cutter

Peel, grate, julienne, and slice your way to victory.

Mini Rice Cooker

You've been living in China for this long and you're still buying rice? Shame!

Can't be bothered to cook, or looking for some hard-to-find ingredients? Head over to the Baopals Food & Grocery Department!