Step Up Your Skincare With These 12 Amazing Tools

Humans have become pretty innovative when it comes to skincare. Some might argue that Asian cultures (particularly Japanese, Korean and Chinese) are the most serious about taking care of their skin, starting a daily routine from as young as 10 years old. We’ve found some of the most effective and unique skincare tools on the market that will give you an extra boost so your skin can look its best this summer!

For Your Face

Panasonic Face Steamer

Give your face a nice long steam before applying any products to maximize their effectiveness. This steamer opens up pores and loosens any accumulation of dirt for a more thorough cleanse. Also, it's very relaxing!

Philips Electric Face Cleanser

We all need a little extra help sometimes to thoroughly wash our skin. Use this product with your favorite facial cleanser to leave your skin feeling extra clean and soft.

SKEEN Silicone Facial Cleanser

Japanese brand SKEEN makes a more lightweight version that vibrates to deeply penetrate clogged pores.

Japanese FEIHAI Mask

Yes, it looks like it belongs in The CCC... but hear us out! LED masks have become extremely popular lately and are commonly used by dermatologists and estheticians to reduce inflammation and acne, boost collagen production and make your skin glow.

Clear Quartz Facial Roller

After applying your daily moisturizer, use this facial roller to help your skin fully absorb the product. It not only reduces any puffiness on your face, but also enhances blood circulation.

Micro Needle Roller

Dermarolling uses microneedles to help your skincare products penetrate deeply into the skin. It can also help encourage the skin to produce collagen, leaving it plump and smooth. Many people with cystic acne scars have reported that it made a huge difference for their skin.

Blackhead Suction Cleaner

If you want to clean your clogged pores but want to avoid the pain of trying to squeeze them yourself (or paying an esthetician), this device can work wonders right in the comfort of your own home.

Electric Skin Scrubber

A skin scrubber is another specialized device used for cleaning pores. Simply turn on the device and push it lightly along your skin. The skin scrubber will vibrate and push out any unwanted dirt and oil.

Electric Mini Hair Trimmer

This mini hair trimmer is convenient, painless and perfect for cleaning up stray hairs on the face.

For Your Body

Electric Foot Exfoliator

Dead skin on your feet is never a good look, but is especially noticable in the summer time. Refresh your feet and wear your sandals without fear!

Electric Nail File

Clean, well kept nails will get you far in life. You don't need to go to a salon for professional results right at home!

Smoothskin Epilator

Hair removal can be a pain when you have to shave almost every day. An epilator removes hair from the root, leaving you with smooth skin for weeks at a time.