Style Guide: Minimal & Modern

Mix minimalism with modern designs and you find products that express the essential and necessary parts of a design, whether it is interior design, clothing, or jewelry.

Interior Design

Ohan Flagship Store

Tired of staring at a plain, boring wall? Try hanging some wall art in your living room to make your home more personable and welcoming. The multiple designs you can choose from guarantee that you will find the right one for you.

Natural Style

Ever feel like your living room is missing some greenery? These prints will bring a breath of life into your home.

Nordic Modern Style

If you have an appreciation for art, opt for a chic, modern look in your living room with these elegant pieces.

Ink Painting Landscape

Choose from a vierty of Chinese ink painted landscapes to add a touch of local culture to your home.

Nordic Minimalist Home Store

This shop is filled with home decorations that save space and are aesthetically pleasing.

Marble & Metal Shoe Rack

This is a great way to save space, and the cool design makes it even better! Your shoes won't be scattered around anymore.

Metal Coat & Hat Rack

This rack doubles as a chic decoration while helping your room stay clean and organized.

Minimal Clothing Rack

This rack can help you create outfits more easily and also looks great in your room if you're a fashion guru.

Senshi Flagship Store

Find the beauty in simplicity!

Elegant Bust Vase

Add some flowers to your home to help boost your mood and productivity.

Rattan Mirror Decoration

This mirror helps add depth to a room and makes for a beautiful wall decoration.

Cactus Plant Decorations

Add a beautiful cacti to your home and don't worry about forgetting to water it.


AC Original

Never say that you can't be stylish with a minimal amount of clothing. Mix and match and get creative! You will never run out of outfits with some simple pieces that pair well together.

Thin Sheer Blouse

Blouses are so easy to style! Pair it with a pair of jeans and some heels, or a suit for a more formal look.

Two-Piece Suit

Put on a two-piece suit when you're going to an event, meeting or interview! Add a few simple accessories to finish off the look.

High Waisted Retro Shorts

These shorts are casual, and the thin fabric is great for the summer. Pair them with a blouse and some high-heeled shoes!

AMII Flagship Store

This unique clothing store highlights simple and casual clothing. Looking for some pieces for a picnic? Or for a cafe with friends? This store has everything you need.

Straight Suit Pants

These pants won't wrinkle easily and can help elongate your legs.

Sleeveless French Style Dress

Dress it up or down; it will never go out of style!

Cotton Tank Top

We all know how humid China can get in the summer. This 100% cotton tank top is light and breezy, and the v-neck adds some sophistication.

Soul Juc

Classy with a touch of chic? You have all the styles you need in this store!

Suit Jacket

Suit jackets are great for a windy day out. Wear it with something more formal, or with a casual dress for a day outside.

Silky Tank Top

This comfortable silky tank top is breathable and light, making it perfect for the summer.

Satin High Waist Skirt

This satin high waisted long skirt is comfortable and trendy right now. And it comes in 12 colors!



This shop's selection of jewelry has a touch of vintage and simplicity. It beautifully captures the essence of minimalism with simplistic designs that will still captures the eyes of many.

Silver Shell Squares Earrings

The unique shape and structure of these earrings are something that you won't find in everybody's jewelry collection!

French Style Delicate Bracelet

Slip on this delicate bracelet to add subtle femininity to your outfit.

Retro Ear Clip

This retro ear clip does not require an ear piercing and you can slip it on easily and comfortably.

ATOWN Jewelry

Not every piece of jewelry has to be big and flashy to make a statement.

Gold Mini Earrings

These dainty gold mini earrings are adorable and perfect for any outfit.

Simple Single Diamond Necklace

This exquisite necklace can help highlight your favorite outfit. If the necklace ever oxidizes, wash it with some toothpaste to get it back to what it was before.

Little Heart Thin Bracelet

This bracelet is designed to be simple and full of love. It is the perfect gift!


Choose durable, versatily jewelry that brings you joy. Explore this store's selection and you may find your perfect match!

Sterling Silver Ring

A classic silver ring never goes out of fashion. It is affordable and you can wear it everyday!

Rose Earrings

Rose earrings add a sweet, feminine touch to your look.

Double Love Necklace

Double the love! This necklace is perfect for the summer. Pair it off with a lower cut top so everyone can admire it.